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Asian Roses

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Adam Ficek DJ

So here we are again, the album’s out, I’ve been touring around the world and it’s nearly Christmas, as I write this I’m just preparing some re-edits for my Dj set in Hong Kong tonight, I’m also playing a solo accoustic show before, so it’s a double whammy tonight. Last night I was in Kuala Lumpur, only a brief stop but I had a real hoot playing out in one of the best alternative clubs there, it’s always a bit tricky knowing how to approach sets in different countries. In the UK if I’m booked to Dj an Indie night I kind of know what roads to go down, the same with an Electro set. Outside the UK it’s a slightly different story, you can’t rely on the hits in the same way. It’s a real ‘think on your feet’ scenario, it all turned out fine though, there are always the classics which translate wherever you are!

The night before KL I played a shop opening in Singapore, the corporate side of things can be hit and miss but I managed to inject some British bounce into the shoppers shopping…hopefully.
I also managed to sort loads of press for the album so who knows, RKC could be a regular SE Asian occurrence, there’s already plans a foot to come back next year and hit Tai pei, Bejing alongside a return to KL and Singapore.

Other recent ventures in DJ land, er let me remember, I had a last minute call to go and play propaganda in Leics, at the moment Propaganda is the super club of indie, it’s one of those places where people are there to have a knees up, nothing too pretentious or uber cool just a right good time. It’s a place to throw the big tunes in, I generally pull out the big guns and use my own re-edits of the the indie hot shots, you know the ones.

Where else….

Bern again, Bonsoir, one of my favourite places, I seem to have grown my own unique fanbase there now, I’m back again in Jan. Again it’s the perfect club for me, as always I like to keep things evolving and due to my lack of attention span the soundtrack to the night is one of a meandering sonic tomfoolery weaving lumpy electro into 60’s swing.


Did I mention the album is out now, we didn’t get as much press as we hoped but there were a few bits floating about, the most impressive for me was the uncut review. check it out page 99 of this months.
I don’t think we had much airplay but as I have previously ranted about on here, if you don’t have a radio plugger then it’s a lottery, the same goes for a PR. That’s why I get really excited when I see my stuff written about. It’s all done for the love.

So here’s a nice french press snippets.

French (Don’t forget French ones, I’m playing PAris on the 12th of Jan Le Truskel and Joseph Gibert see here for details)

Now go buy it

As I mentioned earlier, these past few months have been pretty hectic, and I’m really looking forward to spending a good few weeks in my studio doing some serious writing of my next record.
It’s going a little more electric and tough, in a ford escort kind of way.

But before that…… I need to finish this blog!

The UK tour.

Hopefully those in the know from this rambling would have caught us live, it all went surprisingly well apart from a few police interventions.
It’s a tall order working up a band to perform songs that I have generally created all the parts for but the players stepped up to the mark so big thanks to


It really was an achievement, stressful but a great experience from the booking of splitter vans, driving of splitter vans, losing Ogidan, finding Ogidan, losing ourselves in Glasgow discotechs to finding ourselves in front of a packed house in London. A real treasure.

So what next for RKC you ask. Well, I want to take stock and work out where I want to go. I’ve got about 13 songs demo’d up but they need some knocking about, the new stuff is much more electric guitar based which has come from me having a much better recording set up in my studio now. Before, I was limited to using a dictaphone to write with so the songs were subsequently accoustic chords and accompaniment. I can now layer stuff up in Logic or Ableton and sing over the top giving me a much wider pallette to work from. I think the immediate future is a more stripped back type affair. I feel I’ve done the big instrumental vibe with horns and strings and I want to return to basics and get some of this grit out my system.


If you still fancy coming to watch me play some songs there are a few other solo live bits in the diary so go here to check them out, I intend to do a few more solo stints in the new year I’ll be road testing new stuff so I might break out the leccie for a few numbers.

If I don’t see you before, have a cool yule, and if you’re stuck on what to buy your chums for chrimbo then you know where to go.
And also…..I know that some of you are involved in small indie stations and blogs etc, if you want to do anything send me a link and I can ask the grown ups if they’ll let me.