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At last, British Plastic is all pressed and pending release!

Eight months in the making and it’s finally ready to be let loose in the commercial world of the music industry. It’s already getting some nice hype even NME have been bigging it up so I’m mega excited, have a listen to the stream.

As I’m sure you’ll be chomping at the bit to buy it, here’s the pre sale link. As you can see I’ve made a few different bundles, you can buy the digital or the physical album or even grab yourself the ‘Bees Knees bundle’ which has a ‘making of’ DVD, badges and a handmade ‘Kittens become cats’ promo. These are the same promos that get sent to the radio. There’s only 25 of these bundles so if you want to impress your friends…get on it.

So that’s the sales pitch done.

Other than the RKC thing I’ve been loads of learning. For the past six weeks I’ve been going back to college to learn how to produce more efficiently on my own small set up. I wish I had done it before I made the album but that’s the way it is. It’s an amazing thing to be in total control of the way my RKC records sound! Can’t wait to get cracking on the next one.
Every album improves sonically, keep on the trail.

Actually, I think I might have a few months off….

You’ve all seen the new ‘Kittens become cats‘ video?

It was written, directed and filmed by Joe Wilson, probably my best video to date, in the world of limited funds it’s a godsend to have people around me that are willing to lend their artistic visions!

Also, for those of you who have been living in caves I take it you all heard my interview with Tom Robinson from 6 music?
I recently went in to BBC towers to have a chat with Tom, I always feel incredibly important when I go into the Beeb, you never know what famous people you might bump into, I saw Steve Lamacq but he disappeared before I could hustle him, next time…
The interview was great, Tom seems to have a sincere passion for the cause of developing artists at grass roots level. We had a good chat about all sorts of things and he’s going to help with a video project idea, can’t wait to go back.

As usual with these blogs, I’m currently on a plane to Germany to play some records at a big party hosted by the biggest Indie and Electro promoters in Stuttgart.
I’m really looking forward to it as I haven’t been out and about in DJ mode for a while due to being tied up with the release.
It’s good to be out playing records again, although I do need to get back in the re-edit trail at some point.
If you haven’t checked my mixes out, have a listen.

In the meantime, just a reminder here’s the RKC tour dates and I want to thank all of you for your support on the RKC. Every little Retweet or share helps so please spread the word.

live dates

25th Oct – London – 93 Feet East
26th Oct – Cardiff – Buffalo Bar
28th Oct – Birmingham – Bar Academy
30th Oct – Derby – Victoria Inn
3rd Noc – Cluny – Newcastle
4th Nov – Darlington – Seen
5th Nov – The Battery – Chesterfield

I hope to see you there., don’t forget the amazing Patrick Walden’s new band Bete Noire are playing with us in London, we’re also planning a joint Christmas venture,watch this space!




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