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Just back from Malta, played a solo show and a blinder of a DJ set. One of those sets where everything flowed.
I never realised the Island was so buzzing. I’m back in the new year definately.

Am now ploughing through emails and doing grown up stuff, although it’s all being eased by listening to ‘The heartbreaks’ – Hopefully I’ll be having a ‘Ficek’ edit on o my favourite tracks of theirs. I think they’re on tour with Carl Barat at the mo so go check them and him out, both got hot hits doing the rounds.

So..London Guns (Gary and myself) has begun, we played a stormer of a set at Gatecrasher Birmingham a few nights ago, blazed it, the show is a kind of mix of too many DJ’s and people who whack things. It’s only just started but we’re getting all the hipsters real excited
more of LG as it grows, but get yerselves joined up here.

Another recent outing was helping a friend out for a student do in Belgium, I was booked for the old ‘Electrindie’ but it swayed towards an Annie Mac style thing.
Whilst I’m on that subject, does anyone know any of that crew? I want to play those things her controllers organise but she always blanks me on twitter.
I played with her once and introduced her as ‘Annie Big Mac’ that probably didn’t do me any favours, I blame Ogidan, he dared me to do it when we were slightly worse for wear. Well it was better than his other introductory idea….Excuse me, I’m waffling….sorry A

Watch this space for Adam Ficek’s ‘Electrindie’ in London.

Which reminds me I need to put up another new edit on my website!


So since I last spoke to y’all I’ve uploaded a few videos on youtube, it’s taken this long for the moons around Saturn to be in the correct lineage for Jupiter’s biorhythm to peak.
One is for ‘One born every minute’ the platinum selling single I released last June, to be honest it’s a gentle start to the campaign which will see the launch of my second album in Nov. You’ve probably all seen the link for the pre sale, I think these cheapos have all gone now but you might be lucky, so get on it skinflints.

The other vid is a new ditty I had swimming around my noggin.

As always with a pending release I’m plagued with the same old concerns, will some journo slag it off, will everybody know it’s out, Should I have changed that lyric….etc etc. Well last time around I think I took it all a little too seriously, this time I feel much more removed, well as much as you can be.

As I grow, with more experience, the bad reviews don’t hit me as hard, they’re still not very nice but it’s easier, (I might threaten to clump the odd journo, and there are still a few I’m hoping to bump into but that’s just my way of releasing some pent up aggression)

This time around there’s no budget for PR so all the press I get is by way of favours and good folk lending a hand. So when you see it spamming around do me a favour and respammit, and when the reviews come in keep it in mind that I’ve not scratched any backs, which may be a good or bad thing!
It’s a real achievement getting a record out in these wild times so I’m well chuffed, also as always a big thanks to everyone that’s been involved from the start of the roses plot. It amazes me that amongst all the slippery cretins in this industry there is still a dazzling positivity with the top bananas that help me, and kick me up the arse along the way. I’ll repay you all one one day. x

It is all too easy to get cynical in the music industry, and I must admit I have been dragged down in the past, these recent times have been a real eye opener for me, totally cleared the wheat from the chaff, obviously I have nothing to offer the takers any more, so all that’s left are the true lovers, what started out as a black, bleak time has actually made me see with such clarity. The ones standing ready to pick me up now do so from a position of true caring and concern not for a buck or an earner.
So if you’re a believer of what I do then hold tight, it’s gonna grow and grow.
It’s real, this is what I do, ‘career’ is a dirty word in the music industry, not for me.
If a career means dedicating everything to your art then I’m a careerist.

Anyhow, stick with me kids and we’ll go far, get behind the album on it’s release Nov 7th, my goal is generate enough cash to pay for the next one.
Keep it spammed on twitski, keep the facebook spam up, a spam a day keeps the doctor er…

And another thing, you better all come to the gigs!! UK. Germany, Italy (by the way if you know any promoters in your area/country then give them a shout if you want me to play) I’m currently sorting Sweden, France is proving sooo difficult, seems to be a lack of good promoters over there. Big shame!

….Actually whilst I remember, I always get you lot saying ‘why didn’t play here or there’ the reason is this. My agent will send out mass emails to all his contacts around the world, the promoters that want me will say ya, so it’s not down to me not wanting to play it’s to do with opportunities etc.

PS. There’s also some new demos up in the members area of my site, so sign up and I’ll sell your details to pharmaceutical companies and become a millionaire, not really.

So the RKC tour, here it is,

Germany – Solo
26 – 11 Berlin – King Kong club
27 – 11 Hamburg – KulturhausIII
29 – 11 Munich – Atomic Cafe
30 – 11 Frankfurt – Yellowstage

UK – full band

05 – 11 Stockton on tees – KU bar
06 – 11 Glasgow – Classic Grand –
06 – 11 Instore @ love music glasgow – 5pm (Free entry)
07 – 11 Edinburgh – Cabaret Voltaire
08 – 11 York – Stereo
09 – 11 London – Hoxton Bar and grill
10 – 11 Norwich – B2
11 – 11 Birmingham – Hare and Hounds
12 – 11 Tonbridge wells – Forum
13 – 11 Exeter – Cavern

(Manchester cancelled by the promoter – no comment)

Italy – solo

17 – 11 Milan – Bitte club
18 – 11 Florence – La Limonaia
19 – 11 Florli Cesena – George Best club
20 – 11 Porto Potenza Picena – Groove club

Just waiting on links

To conclude this roses bit, I’ve started work on the next album, I want the beats to be a little tougher, don’t get scared but I’m considering getting someone to have a bit of a hippety hop – rip rap over one of middle eights, it might just work. (wait until 2011)


As I write this someone has tweeted asking for me to explain the whole Babyshambles thing, I will do but not now, I have to be careful as there’s a few bits n bobs being sorted as we speak, also as I have no control over who reads this, again – no comment –
Anyway…..positives, that was the past ya devils…

I’m hooking up with Pat next week to do some writing, I’ve sent him my new demos and he’s buzzing to play on them, as I’ve said on many occasion that man is a genius. Can’t wait to get his guitar on the tunes.

Adam Ficek Solo

I’m just sorting some solo dates in Dec, a kind of christmas tour, so if you could all bring me presents that would be very nice.
Unrelated to my music or performance but……I’m doing a few guest lectures across the globe, yes very grown up!
I do have a bit of a background in academia don’t you know.

you were in babyshambles!
rock n roll, take drugs, fight the police…
Camden, Leather jackets, smoking in photo shoots, birds n booze, rebel – don’t brush yer teeth, stay up late…slam the door, throw litter, use swear words…don’t brush your hair…pretend your from London…pretend your skint.

Cripes what was I thinking, to be honest, it’s a buzz telling the younguns exactly what to watch for and who to swerve or grasp.
I’ve seen quite a few things in this funny old game, I’m no old timer but I’ve probably dealt with every aspect of the industry in some form or another, it’s only now I’m starting to see some real chunky diamonds shining through.

I’ll post the lectures on the next blog, until then… final thought.

The music business is now totally consumer lead (or media lead) depending if you’re a monkey or not.
You have the £££££, and the choice to buy or not to buy. Don’t be fooled by the big guys.



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October 18, 2010 at 12:09 pm

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  1. Is that so difficult to come to France? Well, probably not the best time to come here. Country is a mess. But if you find a venue, I’ll be there! 🙂 xx


    October 18, 2010 at 5:36 pm

  2. I wish you would come to the States…to either play or lecture….I would definitely be there! Have a good one!


    October 20, 2010 at 2:41 pm

  3. you bleeding cup, Jean!


    October 21, 2010 at 7:26 pm

  4. Hello all the way from Canada, Mr. Ficek!

    I must admit, I am surprised to hear that you have a background in acadamia, but then again, I know very little about you to begin with. You seem an articulate and intelligent fellow, I would love to listen in some time, whatever the topic. I do hope that your travels, be they musical or otherwise, bring you to Canada at some point. I enjoy the strong melodies of RKC, as well as the drumming you contributed to Babyshambles. I look forward to reading this blog some more in the future, it is awfully generous of you to share yourself with the fans in this manner. Very brave indeed. I wish other musicians would entertain the idea of this type of communication, unadulterated by publicists and co. Anyways, sorry for the long and winding comment. More of a letter I suppose! Take care of yourself,



    October 21, 2010 at 8:47 pm

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