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Italia, Dublin and British Plastic

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This long awaited blog comes to you from a flight to Dublin. I’m Djing in a new club tonight called the Asylum sessions, a new club night set up by one of my old mates Rob (TLP).

I’ve been a busy bee as usual and have just returned from a month tour of Italy where my guitar playing – partner in crime King Ed, and myself took British Plastic to the masses (sometimes).
I would have loved to have taken the band but budget and expenses didn’t allow it so off we set with a sampler and two guitars. It’s quite tricky to remember some of the dates as they all kind of merged into each other.
The most stand out show was in Catania, Sicily where we played an old hollowed out cave venue called ‘The Lomax’. The stage was immense and we were given two of the best guitar amps in the world to use. (60’s valve stuff)
When you tour like this with a minimum equiptment spec, (two guitars and a sampler) you never know what to expect but the venue and gear were superb. The show turned out to be one of the best, although it did turn into a Donovan cover show mid set due to string breakages!

The other top show was in Rome, we had spent the day being shown the sites from our stand-in driver and then turned up to find we had been booked for an acoustic gig!
I don’t mind doing acoustic gigs but I hadn’t rehearsed any of the old songs that were more ‘acousticable’ so we decided to play our normal set but without the sampler backing. I was a little worried but it turned out to be a real warm little huddle of a show. The thing about playing with a sampler is that you can’t open up or experiment with the form of a song but the positive side is that it brings a much bigger sound source to the occasion.

I must give a big shout to our drivers in Italy mainly Jacopo (The Aranchino) and Lorenzo. Jacopo had the horrid job of driving thousands of miles with the pair of us constantly badgering him about journey times, Italian history, Smurfs and toilet stops. Jacopo is an amazing musician in his own right and had the most fantastic knowledge on ‘Murga’ an Argentinian street music, check him doing it here. I love it when I discover something new in this musical world.

As I slow up the promo of British plastic I already have the sonic idea for my fourth album. My next release won’t be as electronic, it’ll be a cross between all that has gone before. I’m still trying to find my ‘sound’ as it were.

So, yes only a few more shows for this year then I’m taking a break to go and study and work in a grown up job to pay the bills (mainly legal..ahem) My academia will be based around getting better at recording, guitar playing and singing.
I’ve always been driven by development and an artistic need to get better at what I do. I remember my first tentative steps on stage and in the studio as a solo artist back in 2008!
Hopefully I’ve progressed.

I’ve always found it quite odd how in the ‘Indie/rocknroll’ it’s frowned upon to mention developing your skills and academia, ‘I’m self taught’ blah blah blah…good well done.

I actually was self taught until a later stage upon which I realised I was missing out and found the best teachers I could afford. There’s nothing better than being opened up to other ideas and bringing your playing and ego in to perspective. The musicianship needed in Indie world isn’t that high to be honest!
So here’s to academia!
I’m hoping that I can make another album as part of my Masters studies so it’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Other than learning stuff there’s a few more exciting things in the pipeline. Gary Powell and myself have been locked down with a producer developing our radio show. Radio is an odd world these days as everyone seems to be on the radio or want to be. We’re setting our sights high and will be digging into new music, our heritage, knowledge and passion for music. We should find out soon if a major radio player has agreed to schedule us.
We’re working with a great media team so I feel it’s going to work splendidly. Watch this space.

By the way, if there’s any bands that want to send me their music please do so. Send me a link to listen, youtube, soundcloud (not myspace please it takes ages) See twitter, Fb links below.
Obviously I can’t guarantee exposure but if it works for me, Gary and the show we’ll fit it in. Also please note, the show isn’t being aired anywhere as yet but if all goes to plan…it could be you…and us!

And….Just remembered…Scotland last week, wow, how could I forget this!

We had a great weekend up in the Highlands. I managed to get the whole band out to the gigs so RKC were firing on all cylinders.
I’m surprised we made it to be honest, I knew my clutch was about to go and my poor old hatchback has just about had it. Obviously I didn’t let on to the band!
It was a long old slog to Falkirk for the first date but it really was a smashing gig, great support bands and a great atmosphere at 20 rocks. We finished the night with a lock in our hotel ‘The Orchard’ listening to Wayne….’War of the worlds.’ Stewart the manager is an inspiration.
The next stop was Glasgow, always a killer gig, was great to see so many old faces coming and supporting the band, and once again great supports.
I got the usual requests for Babyshambles songs of which I address with a smile and a ‘No’
I might do a little acoustic one day where I play RKC and my Babyshambles songs, but not yet. I’ve still got too much new stuff to work up.

So Scotland was short and sweet but still a challenge. It makes me respect even more the bands that do the ‘up and down the country in the back of a van’ thing
The real grass roots bands with no funding, just passion!
It’s far too easy to be ‘Indie’ unsigned yet have a driver, crew and promo available in this days and age. We live in an age where ‘Indie’ unsigned has more kudos than being signed to a major so all the big players are pretending. The thing is….. they are easy to spot and we all know them.
So to all the unsigned kids doing it for the love, I salute you.

In the meantime, RKC are playing a show in London next week, swing by if you can make it.
If you can’t make it, here’s a new RKC vid.

Keep supporting, and spreading the word.

See you next time.



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The Album is released.

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And so….

The Album is out.

Tell your friends.

Shout to the top.

Yes my third album ‘BRITISH PLASTIC‘ is now available to buy.

It will be in the shops but you’ll have to wait for a few weeks. If you want it now with a personal message go here. Make sure you send me a note in the Pay pal notes section.

There’s also a new single doing the rounds. ‘Kittens become cats’ and here’s the video.

Fresh from an immense UK tour we’re already looking to go out again in Feb, so if you didn’t catch us then make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the new dates, meanwhile……

If you’re a Londoner we’re playing our last show of the year with Patrick Walden’s Bete Noire in Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, Dec 20th, get your tickets soon as it will be rammed.

Lastly, I just want to thank you all for your support from 2008 to now, it’s been an amazing journey and the RKC community is growing from strength to strength.

As usual, if you want to help, just get Facebook sharing, Twitter tweeting and all that, it all helps.

good show.



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At last, British Plastic is all pressed and pending release!

Eight months in the making and it’s finally ready to be let loose in the commercial world of the music industry. It’s already getting some nice hype even NME have been bigging it up so I’m mega excited, have a listen to the stream.

As I’m sure you’ll be chomping at the bit to buy it, here’s the pre sale link. As you can see I’ve made a few different bundles, you can buy the digital or the physical album or even grab yourself the ‘Bees Knees bundle’ which has a ‘making of’ DVD, badges and a handmade ‘Kittens become cats’ promo. These are the same promos that get sent to the radio. There’s only 25 of these bundles so if you want to impress your friends…get on it.

So that’s the sales pitch done.

Other than the RKC thing I’ve been loads of learning. For the past six weeks I’ve been going back to college to learn how to produce more efficiently on my own small set up. I wish I had done it before I made the album but that’s the way it is. It’s an amazing thing to be in total control of the way my RKC records sound! Can’t wait to get cracking on the next one.
Every album improves sonically, keep on the trail.

Actually, I think I might have a few months off….

You’ve all seen the new ‘Kittens become cats‘ video?

It was written, directed and filmed by Joe Wilson, probably my best video to date, in the world of limited funds it’s a godsend to have people around me that are willing to lend their artistic visions!

Also, for those of you who have been living in caves I take it you all heard my interview with Tom Robinson from 6 music?
I recently went in to BBC towers to have a chat with Tom, I always feel incredibly important when I go into the Beeb, you never know what famous people you might bump into, I saw Steve Lamacq but he disappeared before I could hustle him, next time…
The interview was great, Tom seems to have a sincere passion for the cause of developing artists at grass roots level. We had a good chat about all sorts of things and he’s going to help with a video project idea, can’t wait to go back.

As usual with these blogs, I’m currently on a plane to Germany to play some records at a big party hosted by the biggest Indie and Electro promoters in Stuttgart.
I’m really looking forward to it as I haven’t been out and about in DJ mode for a while due to being tied up with the release.
It’s good to be out playing records again, although I do need to get back in the re-edit trail at some point.
If you haven’t checked my mixes out, have a listen.

In the meantime, just a reminder here’s the RKC tour dates and I want to thank all of you for your support on the RKC. Every little Retweet or share helps so please spread the word.

live dates

25th Oct – London – 93 Feet East
26th Oct – Cardiff – Buffalo Bar
28th Oct – Birmingham – Bar Academy
30th Oct – Derby – Victoria Inn
3rd Noc – Cluny – Newcastle
4th Nov – Darlington – Seen
5th Nov – The Battery – Chesterfield

I hope to see you there., don’t forget the amazing Patrick Walden’s new band Bete Noire are playing with us in London, we’re also planning a joint Christmas venture,watch this space!



RKC – British Plastic

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Please allow me to introduce myself.

Yes it’s me Adam Ficek.

My third album is being manufactured as we speak, the result of many long hours in a damp studio producing what I feel is my finest to date.

RKC presents ‘British Plastic’ released Oct 31st.

It’s been a labour of love, juggling between Djing/remixing/performing/Fathering but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
There is something to be said about self releasing, I don’t mean the ‘hey look at me, I’ve got my own label’ type affair, I mean the real deal, writing the songs on my own in my garage, no co-writers, no swanky deal with studio suites, just me, myself and I…grinding the recordings, spending countless hours on artwork, working the multimedia side of it, pressing the finished product.
It’s tough but the sense of fulfillment when the dust settles is second to none.

I must admit, I did have some help from my pals, ‘The Loose Cannons’ it was these production top cats that first sent me on my way in the sonic world and gave me the confidence to go and do it in my damp garage. You can spend all your life dipping a toe in and not being ready but there comes a time….etc etc.

So off I went on my journey of learning how to produce music and I managed it.
It’s the start of a very exciting time for me and you. Three albums and an ep in and you lot are still here listening. Amazing.

I’ll keep it short and sweet.

To make this happen I’ll need you lot to push this release with me.

It’s quite simple, all I ask is retweet/like/share the facebook page, tell your chums. It won’t hurt.

If you want to go a little further you can always get in touch with the street team on…..where there’s a little more structured approach to spreading the RKC music.

So, for your efforts, here’s a free download (it’s limited to 400) don’t forget to tell everyone you know how hip it/we are/is.


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Daffs are coming

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Finally I have carved enough time into my arm to write you kids some words..

When we last met, er, I can’t even remember probably pre Christmas.

It’s gone quick but the Daffodils are creeping up and I’m starting to come out of hibernation. I tend to try and stay in after work for the whole of Jan and half of Feb, approximately Feb 15th is when I feel ready to leave the cave.

Post Christmas is spent locked away writing and recording in my little hub of a studio, (I’m yet to name it – it was called the Rose bed, then HQII)
I’m in the second stage of completing the album process, and this will be my third album. The first stage for me is to get 20 songs down in basic demo form, voice, guitar/piano.
The second stage is to get them all arranged with basic beats/sounds/general srtuctures etc…So that’s what I’m in the middle of now..

Then comes the exciting bit, finding a producer to help mould it all together, finish the words and polish.
Then finally, spend a few weeks with it, Mix it, tweak it and master it. Then out it pops, not sure how but I’m aiming to get a bit of funding from somewhere and release a limited 1000 then we’ll see what happens.

‘What does the new stuff sound like?’
I hear you cry….
Well, from constantly Djing and spending a few toes in the dance music arena I’ve been influenced by a bigger sounding beatier sound.
‘Oh shit – bandwagon jumper’
you moan….
I know what you mean, with this current crop of ‘Electro/dubstep/waffle’ music being championed it does make me have a little cringe, and even as I write this I’m watching all the bigging up of the electrodubstep new breed by all the same DJ’s who were championing Guitar music until it became apparent they would lose their jobs if they continued….it’s all music dough….
It’s not electro but I’m not going to ignore the benefits that tougher beats can provide, so I’m hoping for a happy medium, it’s hard to achieve the middle ground I seek. I think Steve Mason does it well. Guitar based songs within a framework of electronic musical arrangements.

So there you have it, for those of you who didn’t get the second one ‘Suburban Timebomb’ why not!! I need to break even on these things to progress with more manufacturing so get spending. It’s still available from me etc etc.
There’s also a few solo accoustic gigs left.


16th March – Newcastle under Lyme – Old Brown Jug
23rd March – Wimbledon/London – The Grove
27th March – Pivo Pivo – Glasgow
28th March – Paisley Arts Centre – Paisley

I don’t intend to perform much solo guitar stuff after these, I’m hoping to be able to start performing the new stuff, with a kind of backing! Don’t run! it’s not like karaoke, well I suppose it is a bit but I’m just getting bored of playing timidly on an accoustic. I need some more power so I’m using my telecaster and some backings. It might not work but I want to try it. I can’t tell you how hard it is as a performer when you’re playing with an accoustic and trying to get some meat out there to people that need to be shouted at.
It’s ok if you have all your fans there that know your songs or if you’re playing pub knees up shouting stuff, but trying to combine guile and melody on an accoustic is a challenge….for me anyway.

There’s a little snippet of the new sound in the members area of my site, just put in your email.

Expect new and interesting things experiment in the live field!

What else….

Er, I met up with Patrick the other day, we spent some time setting him up with his online stuff so go join him .
He’s currently lining up some gigs for us both in France so that’ll be a fun thing to look for around May time. He played some of his new songs!! wallop, can’t wait to hear them.
I’m twisting his arm to play on my 3rd album, almost there with the twistage…

Also I’ve uploaded a little preview of my new sound in the members area of my site.


I’ve had a few blinding DJ outings recently, the first being in Bern again, club Bonsoir, this club is ran by ‘The Roundtable knights’ an Electronic music group from Bern, top guys and top club. I have a total freestyle policy there, wherever the night fancies going that’s where the tunes go.
Another stormer for London Guns in Traunstein, Germany, we turned up not knowing how it would go, but it was probably one of the most buzzed crowds we’ve ever played to. Can’t really remember much but our two hour set turned into five hours, and I played UB40 against an electro thing, which sounded ace at the time, but I’m now thinking I was probably very drunk and it sounded total shit….but it was a ball.

Again, I apologise for the lack of re-edits on my site, I have a blur one ready to go but I just haven’t got round to it as I’m being absorbed by LG, RKCIII and something else which I can’t tell you…

As always, keep up the support, spread the word and keep on consuming.

Asian Roses

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Adam Ficek DJ

So here we are again, the album’s out, I’ve been touring around the world and it’s nearly Christmas, as I write this I’m just preparing some re-edits for my Dj set in Hong Kong tonight, I’m also playing a solo accoustic show before, so it’s a double whammy tonight. Last night I was in Kuala Lumpur, only a brief stop but I had a real hoot playing out in one of the best alternative clubs there, it’s always a bit tricky knowing how to approach sets in different countries. In the UK if I’m booked to Dj an Indie night I kind of know what roads to go down, the same with an Electro set. Outside the UK it’s a slightly different story, you can’t rely on the hits in the same way. It’s a real ‘think on your feet’ scenario, it all turned out fine though, there are always the classics which translate wherever you are!

The night before KL I played a shop opening in Singapore, the corporate side of things can be hit and miss but I managed to inject some British bounce into the shoppers shopping…hopefully.
I also managed to sort loads of press for the album so who knows, RKC could be a regular SE Asian occurrence, there’s already plans a foot to come back next year and hit Tai pei, Bejing alongside a return to KL and Singapore.

Other recent ventures in DJ land, er let me remember, I had a last minute call to go and play propaganda in Leics, at the moment Propaganda is the super club of indie, it’s one of those places where people are there to have a knees up, nothing too pretentious or uber cool just a right good time. It’s a place to throw the big tunes in, I generally pull out the big guns and use my own re-edits of the the indie hot shots, you know the ones.

Where else….

Bern again, Bonsoir, one of my favourite places, I seem to have grown my own unique fanbase there now, I’m back again in Jan. Again it’s the perfect club for me, as always I like to keep things evolving and due to my lack of attention span the soundtrack to the night is one of a meandering sonic tomfoolery weaving lumpy electro into 60’s swing.


Did I mention the album is out now, we didn’t get as much press as we hoped but there were a few bits floating about, the most impressive for me was the uncut review. check it out page 99 of this months.
I don’t think we had much airplay but as I have previously ranted about on here, if you don’t have a radio plugger then it’s a lottery, the same goes for a PR. That’s why I get really excited when I see my stuff written about. It’s all done for the love.

So here’s a nice french press snippets.

French (Don’t forget French ones, I’m playing PAris on the 12th of Jan Le Truskel and Joseph Gibert see here for details)

Now go buy it

As I mentioned earlier, these past few months have been pretty hectic, and I’m really looking forward to spending a good few weeks in my studio doing some serious writing of my next record.
It’s going a little more electric and tough, in a ford escort kind of way.

But before that…… I need to finish this blog!

The UK tour.

Hopefully those in the know from this rambling would have caught us live, it all went surprisingly well apart from a few police interventions.
It’s a tall order working up a band to perform songs that I have generally created all the parts for but the players stepped up to the mark so big thanks to


It really was an achievement, stressful but a great experience from the booking of splitter vans, driving of splitter vans, losing Ogidan, finding Ogidan, losing ourselves in Glasgow discotechs to finding ourselves in front of a packed house in London. A real treasure.

So what next for RKC you ask. Well, I want to take stock and work out where I want to go. I’ve got about 13 songs demo’d up but they need some knocking about, the new stuff is much more electric guitar based which has come from me having a much better recording set up in my studio now. Before, I was limited to using a dictaphone to write with so the songs were subsequently accoustic chords and accompaniment. I can now layer stuff up in Logic or Ableton and sing over the top giving me a much wider pallette to work from. I think the immediate future is a more stripped back type affair. I feel I’ve done the big instrumental vibe with horns and strings and I want to return to basics and get some of this grit out my system.


If you still fancy coming to watch me play some songs there are a few other solo live bits in the diary so go here to check them out, I intend to do a few more solo stints in the new year I’ll be road testing new stuff so I might break out the leccie for a few numbers.

If I don’t see you before, have a cool yule, and if you’re stuck on what to buy your chums for chrimbo then you know where to go.
And also…..I know that some of you are involved in small indie stations and blogs etc, if you want to do anything send me a link and I can ask the grown ups if they’ll let me.

RKC album release

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Ok, this blog is a short and sweet shout about the new single, new album, video and a few other bits.

I’ve just returned from a small solo tour of Germany, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. As always I met loads of great people and it constantly reminds me of why I do these things.
Some of the venues were busier than others but the prize for me went to Munich, the crowd understood the RKC thing and it was great to hangout in the atomic cafe after. Big thanks to all the venues for taking a punt on me, lot’s of venues and promoters out there book big names that will sell out and make ££££ but you guys do it for the right reasons. When I’m a famous pop star, I’ll give you a ton of freebies.

So the RKC thing is in full swing, album released next Mon! Don’t expect to hear the music on this thing called radio as I have no plugger or no big PR behind me so it’s up to you to dig it out from itunes/spotify or our site.

Here’s the pre sale link

As you can see I’ve put a few offers on the site for all you that haven’t got the first album or ep’s etc.

And…..let’s not forget this tour, I wanna see yer faces there, it’s a 6 or 7 piece band touring it so give us some love.

And If you haven’t signed up…go sign up to my mailing list, all it takes is your email and you can download all the demos.

and….here’s the new free single and video.

Lastly, please keep up all the support and RT’s/Spamming/telling yer mates etc etc.

It’s appreciated,

To buy or not to buy that’s the question?

Also before I forget – thanks to everyone who asked me questions. here’s the article in full. Big thanks to all that took part especially Sue and Ross for sorting it out.

Roses Kings Questions

As we go to press, Adam Ficek is gearing up for another Roses Kings Castles outing, to celebrate the release of the new self-funded album “Suburban Timebombs”. He’s just back from playing several gigs in Germany and about to embark on a full band tour of venues across the UK before also taking in venues in Italy. Taking time out of his hectic schedule, he agreed to let YOU interview him…

We put the word out on various forums, social networks, Twitter – and so on – that questions emailed to us at would be passed on to Adam, that he’d answer at least a few of them and that the results would be published. After a slow start (not helped by Adam’s web access being broken just when he was supposed to be letting everyone know about this!!) the questions flooded in.

After floundering around in a sea of questions for a bit we finally built a raft, found dry land and got things vaguely organised and here at last is the resulting ‘interview’ – the questions YOU asked and Adam’s replies.

What is the best Babyshambles track recorded in the studio for Shotters Nation which didn’t make it onto the album and why?
I think everything we made got released with the album and b-sides etc, apart from some rough takes of ‘fireman’ ‘torn’ and ‘I don’t know that man’. I’ve got all the demos and out takes so….

What is the best Babyshambles track recorded in the studio for Down in Albion which didn’t make it onto the album and why?
352 days was a song that came together quite late, Patrick wrote it and was going to be a possible single on the next album but circumstances, etc…

I have noticed you have LOTS going on. If you’re not DJing, playing live with RKC or creating projects with Gary Powell, you’re gardening, building a studio, recruiting band members and juggling family life. How DO you keep on top of it?
It’s really hard to find time, sometimes I do feel that I should just dedicate all my efforts in one area, but all the creative output seems to lead to the same place so why not? Family stuff, well that’s the most important. Cut all the bullshit out of the industry and we are all ‘uwe-man beans’ – I wish more people would realise that, they eventually do but it takes time.

When and why did you decide to expand Roses Kings Castles, and will this be a permanent fixture?
In a toilet in Spain, I decided to as I had no choice – the situation in Babyshambles had deteriorated for me so I needed to evolve my side project, quite simple really. I always wanted to play with more musicians but the touring budgets didn’t allow, they still don’t but hopefully it’ll work out somehow.

Would you rather have a bionic arm or a bionic leg?
A bionic arm.

Would you rather have your face and body but the brain of a chimpanzee or be a chimpanzee but have your human brain?
I’d like the head of a chimpanzee and the body of a wasp.

Would you rather do a duet with Lily Allen or a sixtet with Girls Aloud?
Girls Aloud,

If you could duet with anyone, who would you choose?
I like Kate Rusby’s voice, not all her stuff but there’s a pureness to her singing.
I like Graham’s guitaring, I’m still working on getting him in.
I like Dan Treacey’s words, we’re releasing stuff in the future.
I like the way Doorly makes drums swing.

What will become of the Adam Ficek/Drew McConnell bromance now that you’re no longer in Babyshambles?
With regret – that’s all over.

How many jumpers do you own?
Too many, but I’m into dark colours at the moment.

Do you think The Beatles were/are over-rated?
No way. Better than the Stones.

What was the first album you ever bought?
Can’t remember.….the Dubliners

Are there any good new bands around these days or are they all rubbish?
Soviet Soviet
I’m more touched much by electronic stuff at the moment, just a matter of time though until something comes and kicks the band thing up again.

Would you rather wear Crocs for a year or Uggs for a year?
Uggs, especially in winter.

How do you feel about being a fashion icon for women everywhere?
It was always going to happen.

(Won’t you tell me) Where have all the good times gone?
They moved to the Continent. It’s lovely there and Audrey loves the wine.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Be very wary.

Would you ever consider a perm?
Yes, it’s something I’m considering for 2011.

Have you ever considered becoming a vegan?
I like the concept and I don’t think it’s right that animals should suffer for us and our taste buds but, I’m not a vegan. I would like to be. Hypocrite.

Fruit or veg?
Fruit but veg is more important.

Which of your songs are you most proud of?
Inner Love, One Born Every Minute, Unstookietitled.

What has been the best moment of your career?
It’s yet to happen … but probably looking across at Patrick at some point and thinking, this is what all the work was for, the years of graft, perhaps the first tour of Shambles ‘05 time.

With hindsight would you do anything differently?
Yes, I don’t really want to embellish it, but if I knew then what I know now I would have …..

Favourite shop in Midsummer Place?

Would you describe yourself as an intuitive person?

Which super hero / villain would you be?

Can you please tell us something about the other musicians in the RKC band?
They’re all computer generated.

Do you ever get recognised in public and if so how do you feel about that?
Not really, sometimes it’s nice for the ego, other times I just want to be left alone to buy some marmite in Tescos.

Who are your favourite drummers?
Alan Wren, Mitch Mitchell, John Marshall, Robert Wyatt.

Who are your favourite lyricists?
Morrissey, Robert Wyatt, Syd Barrett, Dan Treacey

Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?
Depends on the time frame.

Do you eat cake?
Yeah too much.

If you could only play one instrument, which one would you chose?

Where was your best audience and why?
It changes but recently – Munich, I just felt like they understood the music and the performance.

What were your influences for “Suburban Timebombs”?
A lot of it was written during a slightly troublesome time so it may have been influenced by that, or maybe not.

Are you on bad terms with the members of Babyshambles?
I don’t speak to any of them or their circle, except a few of the techs.

Would you consider working with Peter again?
At this time I don’t think that is a really an option.

What is the inspiration in your lyrics?
Things just pop out, it’s only later that I realise what they were about. I find a lot of lyricists try too hard to write meandering poetic lines, it can often come out as trite and cringeworthy.

How would you recommend getting publicity in London?
Pull a media stunt.

How do YOU get publicity?
It’s linked to being in Babyshambles and spamming.

Do Belle & Sebastian inspire you?
I like their melodies.

What is your favourite poem?
Bah Bah Black Sheep.

Where did you get the name “Roses Kings Castles” from?
In a dream.

You seem disillusioned by some of the ways in which the music industry works. If a major label were to approach Roses Kings Castles, would you decline an offer?
I’d snap it up. I would need to have creative control though! Major labels can press buttons we littl’ans can never do.

How much do you think the music industry will have to change in the next few years?
The whole thing will completely change; it’s scary and exciting at the same time. I just returned from Germany – I played a venue in Frankfurt called the Yellowstage, this venue is a recording studio and label. I think the future is going to be like this, the whole thing is ran from a passionate stance but they also have enough business skills to know who and where to tap into to make it work. A great ethic. Check it out and support.

What bands have influenced – and continue to influence you – the most?
I’m inspired by bands that just put their heads down and tour/record and put the hours in, bands that have worked hard to achieve.

So there you have it, we hope your favourite question found its way into this interview! As I’m sure you all already know the album is out on itunes on the 7th (itunes pre-order) and elsewhere on the 8th ( and all usual outlets). Meanwhile you can check out the new free single Subtleties of Love and video here. If you have more questions then go find Adam at one of his many upcoming gigs – see and .

A big thank you to Adam for agreeing to do this and thanks to everyone who sent in their questions.

Ross & Sue